Below is a list of web sites, blogs, and articles that will help familiarize yourself with OSGi. At this point, I’ve lumped everything together. At some point, I hope to categorize the links according to that content that might be most helpful to J2EE developers working on enterprise web-based software systems.

Web Sites

OSGi Zone – The OSGi zone at DZone.

OSGi Alliance – Home Page of the OSGi Alliance.

OSGi Alliance Developer Site – OSGi Developer Site and Bundle Repository. I’m not quite sure why this is separate from the OSGi Alliance Home page, but this site has some interesting material, and I’ve not found a link from the OSGi Alliance Home Page to this site, so I’ve noted it separately.

Apache Felix – Apache implementation of the OSGi R4 service platform.

Eclipse Equinox – Eclipse implementation of the OSGi R4 service platform. FYI, this is the framework that powers the Eclipse plug-in architecture and the Rich Client Platform (RCP).

Equinox Server – Equinox on the server. This is the area of greatest interest for J2EE developers.

Spring-OSGi – OSGi-ified implementation of the Spring framework. Basically, the Spring Framework as a bunch of OSGi bundles.


OSGi Alliance Blog – Peter Krien’s OSGi blog.

Mind the gap – Glyn Normington’s blog, mostly about OSGi and Java modularity.

Neals point-free blog – Neal Bartlett’s blog, with a category specifically geared toward OSGi.

The Programming Delusion – BJ Hargrave’s blog about most things OSGi. Appears to be fairly technical.


Getting Started with OSGi – Great tutorial that will help you get started with OSGi.

Am I missing an important link? Let me know about it.

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