Language Type Systems

All programming languages have a type system. Typically, we classify these type systems as either static or dynamic. A shift that’s taking place is to include type inference engines within a programming language that allows the developer to realize the safety benefits of static typing and the flexibility and expressiveness benefits of dynamic typing. I […]

My Ruby Kata

I was browsing through some older directories and stumbled across a Ruby programming kata I had done a couple of years ago. This is a simple kata where I calculate the payment for a loan based on interest rate, number of months, and loan value. I typically practice this code exercise for new languages that […]

Rake TestTask Hangs

Here’s the test task in my rake file. Works on Windows, but not on my Mac. It just hangs. What’s the problem? do |t| t.libs << “./app;./test” t.test_files = FileList[‘test/test*.rb’] t.verbose = true end Two hours later, I tell you that I need this on my Mac. do |t| t.libs << “./app:./test” t.test_files […]