Ecosystems, Modularity, & OSGi

Recently, I questioned whether OSGi and modularity would succeed in penetrating the enterprise. But what I really meant to question is whether OSGi will have the disruptive impact of which it’s capable. I asserted that if OSGi does succeed, it won’t be based on the technical merits of OSGi. It’ll be because of something else. […]

Programming Language Classification

Below is a table that shows some popular and emerging programming languages classified according to the following: Type system – Dynamic or Static type system Problem space – A General Purpose language versus a Domain Specific Language Runtime environment – A Managed environment (ie. garbage collection, etc.) or an Unmanaged environment. Paradigm – Object-Oriented, Procedural, […]

OSGi and Embedded Jetty

There are two approaches to working with OSGi when developing web applications. Embedding OSGi into the application server Embedding the application server into an OSGi runtime In this post, I’m going to embed Jetty, the application server, into Felix, the OSGi runtime. As with my previous posts (Simple OSGi Service, OSGi & Modularity, and OSGi […]