Agile 2008

Agile 2008, being held in Toronto August 4 to 8, seems like a long ways away. However, the submission system just went live this week. I’m excited because I have the opportunity to help organize the Developer Jam stage. There are a few changes surrounding the conference for 2008, starting with the submission system, which […]

Getting Blasted

I got blasted for the following quote in a recent eWeek article: “If you’re in a large environment that is bureaucratic, filled with politics and has a [software development] process like the waterfall flavor of RUP [Rational Unified Process] what do you do?” Knoernschild asked. “It’s been my experience that the number one thing you […]

Agile 2007 Recap

A bit later than I had hoped, but I wanted to take a moment to reflect on Agile 2007 in Washington, D.C. last week. I arrived at Agile 2007 on Wednesday, midway through the conference. After a few conversations with attendees , I’m certain I’ve captured the essence of the conference. Immediately upon arrival, I […]


After being gone for about a year and a half, I’m back at TeamSoft, a high-end IT consulting firm. I know it sounds cliche to make the statement, but TeamSoft prides itself on the quality of it’s people. On average, TeamSoft professionals boast 13 years of industry experience. We also have a world-class training program, […]

New Blog Home

If you’re reading this, you’ve found the location of my new blog. I’ve just recently switched from Nucleus to WordPress, and so far couldn’t be happier. The URL for the blog has changed to, so be sure to update your bookmarks and rss feed ( Here’s why I like WordPress: Easier to modify the […]