Small Things Matter

Story of the Concorde On July 25th, 2000, flight 4590 crashed. It was the first, and only, crash of the famed Concorde. Eventually, it would lead to retirement for the amazing aircraft. Investigators spent countless hours poring over the wreckage, and placed blame on a piece of runway debris that slashed the tire. A piece […]

Developer, You Have a Voice

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the list of disruptive technologies on Richard’s list, and then I watched Dan Pink’s TED talk on the surprising science of motivation. There must be some relationship between the list, which is comprised of almost all open source software products, and Dan’s assertion that the 20th century reward […]

The Secret Sauce

All too often, software process improvement initiatives fail. In a recent post discussing SEMAT, Ralph Johnson provided some words of wisdom that serve as a wonderful guide to any team about to embark on that much vaunted software process improvement initiative. The state of the practice in software development is pretty dismal. Some groups do […]

Agile Architecture Deck & Code

Here’s my Agile Architecture – Patterns & Technology slide deck (bottom of this post) that I presented at SpringOne2GX and OOPSLA. Thank you to all who attended, and for providing such positive feedback. I’ve also uploaded the code samples used to show the modularity pattern examples found toward the end of the presentation. The code […]

Lean and Kanban Collection

For those of you interested in Lean and Kanban, but not much knowledge yet, it can be tough filter the noise and find information explaining what they are and how they might be different from what you’re already doing (agile, Scrum, etc.). Since top 10 lists are rather passé, I’ve gone the whole nine yards […]

Duct Tape Programming

Joel tells the story of The Duct Tape Programmer, and Uncle Bob offers his response. Now these are two pretty smart guys who know a lot about software development. But when we receive fundamentally different messages from a couple of industry luminaries like Joel and Uncle Bob, we’re left wondering – “Who is right? Who […]

Agile Architecture, Lean Principles

Most of my discussions surrounding agile architecture have been focused on exploring how modularity helps increase architectural agility. I claim that modularity is a required (and to this point, missing) aspect of agile architecture. The basis for this claim follows: Architecture is design, but not all design is architecture (ala Booch). Design is architecture if […]