Update on Java Modularity

For those that follow this blog, but not the APS blog, I’ve just published a synopsis of modularity on the Java platform. With a lot of momentum continuing to build around OSGi, we’re still in a state of limbo surrounding a standard module system on the Java platform. Some might argue that OSGi has already won – it is the defacto standard module system. Possibly.

Oracle has offered us very little direction on their future plans. There was little fanfare surrounding WebLogic dm Server, with only sparse references and no official word from Oracle. I’m hopeful we can expect to hear some news of the direction they intend to take in their upcoming webcast, though I’m not expecting them to make any significant statements at such a fine level of technical detail. Coincidentally, Apple is holding their own event that very same day, and is expected to announce their new tablet. Let your imagination run wild. Those two events should make for a very exciting day.

Regardless, I’ve had quite a few conversations over the past several months surrounding modularity and OSGi. I have my suspicions on Oracle’s intent, though am reticent to share at this time. Read the APS post titled, Java Modularity – Time to Set Sail.

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