OSGi DevCon Keynote

I’m excited to be given the opportunity to present the keynote at OSGi DevCon London on February 23, 2010. The event is hosted in conjunction with JAX London. The sessions for the conference look great, with a great lineup of speakers and 15 sessions, including two in-depth tutorials by Neil Bartlett and Peter Kriens, devoted exclusively to OSGi.

Here’s the abstract for my session titled OSGi in the Enterprise: Agility, Modularity, and Architecture’s Paradox.

Attempts to architect more flexible software often results in the opposite – brittle software fraught with complexity. Something is missing. Complexity is the beast we must tame, and modularity is part of the answer. In this keynote, we’ll examine the challenges of traditional approaches to software architecture, probe the paradox of architecture, and explore the inextricable link between structural and temporal architectural decisions. From the highest level applications and services to the code that exists in the bowels of the system, we expose the advantages of a modular architecture. Come learn new ways that large software systems can be organized to increase flexibility, reusability, adaptability, maintainability, testability, and extensibility. Come discover the importance of OSGi in the Enterprise.

Yes, come discover the important of OSGi in the Enterprise!

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