OSGi Survey Results

Update (10/23/09): There’s been some interest by folks in seeing the details for the free form questions (Question #5 and Question #10). Here’s the raw data, exported directly from the survey. These are each PDF documents. Download response to Question #5 on OSGi frameworks currently being used and evaluated and download response to Question #10 […]

The Use/Reuse Paradox

There are certain paradoxes that create conflict when designing software systems. The paradoxes result in opposing forces that are counterintuitive, and require further examination to more fully understand how the tension can be resolved. Here, I explore the tension between use and reuse. Certainly there are others, too. What software development paradoxes have you encountered? […]

Lean and Kanban Collection

For those of you interested in Lean and Kanban, but not much knowledge yet, it can be tough filter the noise and find information explaining what they are and how they might be different from what you’re already doing (agile, Scrum, etc.). Since top 10 lists are rather passé, I’ve gone the whole nine yards […]