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This fall, I’ll be speaking at a few conferences on agile architecture. Interestingly, a lot of the ideas expressed in these talks are not new to me. I gave a session titled From Code to Architecture at the now defunct SD Expo back in 2006 (give or take a year). Later that year, I gave a talk on Agile Architecture at SD Best Practices. Now, however, the technology is starting to catch up to the concepts I discuss in the presentations, making them easier to apply. The conferences I’m attending and the sessions I’m leading are listed below:

  • Agile RX/Ruby RX – A 90 minute session titled Agile Architecture. Again, present the basic mechanics of agile architecture, with an emphasis on technology. That means showing some code.
  • SpringOne 2GX – A 90 minute session titled Agile Architecture – Technologies and Patterns. Again, presents the basic mechanics of agile architecture, but this talk serves as the lead-in session to a collection of other sessions related to OSGi. The importance of modularity will obviously be discussed.
  • OOPSLA – A half-day tutorial titled Agile Architecture via Modularity Patterns. This session is going to include lots of coding exercises. We’ll examine the impact of modularity on architecture, and obviously we’ll talk about OSGi. We’ll walk through a simple application, and simulate typical architectural shifts that occur throughout the development lifecycle. It’s really quite amazing to witness the architectural transformation that takes place. This will be my first OOPSLA experience, and there are some pretty cool colocated conferences that I’m looking forward to.
  • Agile Development Practices – A 90 minute session titled Agile Architecture – Patterns and Technology. This session presents the basic mechanics of agile architecture, and we’ll take a look at some code. Also, colocated with this conference is the Agile Leadership Summit, which is pretty cool.

Session details vary slightly, but the general theme is consistent. To get a feel for the theme, take a look at a few of the blog entries where I’ve expressed my ideas surrounding agile architecture. If you happen to be attending any of these conferences, please feel free to seek me out. I’m always interested in a conversation on the topic. The blog entries are listed below.

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