Source Code is a Corporate Asset

The goal of software development is to – SURPRISE! – deliver software. Fancy architecture diagrams, detailed requirements documentation, and comprehensive project plans mean little if we can’t deliver the software that realizes them. The source code is the detailed specification for a software system, and it is the only specification guaranteed to offer an accurate […]

Mac Migration

Yeah…check out that battery life. That’s not 7 minutes and 26 seconds, that’s 7 hours and 26 minutes. Last weekend, I migrated to a new MacBook Pro. Starting the Migration Before migrating, I had some questions on the migration options. I knew about the OS X Migration Assistant, but I also create daily backups to […]

The Two Faces of Modularity & OSGi

There are two aspects to OSGi – the OSGi runtime model and the OSGi development model. Today, emphasis is on the runtime model. But eventually, the importance of the development model will take center stage. The Runtime Model The runtime model includes support for the dynamic deployment of bundles, different versions of bundles, dependency resolution, […]