Agile 2009 Agenda is Live

The Agile 2009 program is live, and it’s going to be a great conference. Thank you to the Developer Jam review committee for all the effort they put into helping select the sessions. The selection process for Developer Jam was not easy due to the quantity of amazing submissions, but I’m confident we put together an exceptional program. Whittling down more than 100 submissions into less space than we had at Agile 2008 was challenging. In the end, we had enough space for just 26 sessions. I’m certain that Developer Jam would have been a great conference of it’s own. Any takers on organizing this conference?

In addition to the sessions you see listed, we’re also putting the finishing touches on Programming with the Stars, where select conference attendees will be paired with legendary agile programmers to perform live on stage before a panel of famous (and outspoken) judges. The audience will participate in the judging contest. Be sure to stay tuned to the Agile 2009 conference site for additional details on Programming with the Stars.

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