A Year of Failure?

We all like metrics, statistics, and measurements that let us know how we’re doing. Released about a week ago, the 2009 Standish CHAOS Report should have plenty of numbers. Jim Johnson, the guy behind it all, cites some numbers pulled from the report. It appears failure is on the rise. In fact, it’s the highest […]

My Ruby Kata

I was browsing through some older directories and stumbled across a Ruby programming kata I had done a couple of years ago. This is a simple kata where I calculate the payment for a loan based on interest rate, number of months, and loan value. I typically practice this code exercise for new languages that […]

Software Rot – Manage those Dependencies

In Rotting Design, I spoke of how software tends to rot over time. When you establish your initial vision for the software’s design and architecture, you imagine a system that is easy to modify, extend, and maintain. Unfortunately, as time passes, changes trickle in that exercise your design in unexpected ways. Each change begins to […]

Benefits of the Build

In browsing through some of the articles I’ve written, I stumbled across Benefits of the Build, which was published in the March 2005 issue of Software Development Magazine. SD Magazine was rolled into Dr. Dobb’s a while back, but I found the article is still on-line, and still very relevant. That article also forms the […]