Programming Language Classification

Below is a table that shows some popular and emerging programming languages classified according to the following: Type system – Dynamic or Static type system Problem space – A General Purpose language versus a Domain Specific Language Runtime environment – A Managed environment (ie. garbage collection, etc.) or an Unmanaged environment. Paradigm – Object-Oriented, Procedural, […]

OSGi Discontent – No Migration Path!

OSGi has emerged as the de facto standard for modularity on the Java platform. The Eclipse RCP plug-in architecture is built on Equinox. Major application server vendors, including IBM, Oracle, and JBoss are leveraging OSGi to increase the modularity of their platforms. The ability to dynamically provision server-side modules reduces footprint and decreases start-up time. […]

Big Teams and Agility

In Grass Roots Agile, I talked about some of the details surrounding how development teams can increase their agility, and I presented a diagram similar to what’s above that discusses how to measure and manage a system’s tested features. Here, I want to talk a bit more about the macro development process, and how I’ve […]