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OSGi DevCon @ JAX London

February 23 - Keynote titled OSGi in the Enterprise: Agility, Modularity, and Architecture’s Paradox


March 22 - 25 - Tutorial on Modular Architecture

Über Conf

June 14 - 17 - Sessions titled Turtles and Architecture and Patterns of Modular Architecture


July 26 - 30 - Two sessions on rich mobile applications and one on agile development. Half day tutorial on software process improvement.

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re: #apple event "We sold more iPads than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire PC line." 2012-09-12

re: #Apple Event ""Our notebooks now rank #1 in the US in Market share in the last three months." 2012-09-12

Right on. I just won a Best Buy drawing worth $1000. Either that or I won a shiny new virus by clicking the link. Hmm...what to do. 2012-08-29

The #osgi alliance response ( to the @mreinhold #jigsaw announcement ( 2012-08-29

Good Q&A with @mreinhold on project #jigsaw. Modularity will change the way we design and run apps! 2012-08-28

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OSGi Survey Results

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I’ve published a summary of the OSGi survey results on the APS blog at Burton Group. Definitely some interesting numbers. The highlights? 80% said they’ll be developing software using OSGi in the next 6 - 12 months, and almost 90% said they would today if their application server supported OSGi. Those are some convincing numbers! The biggest hurdle to OSGi adoption within the enterprise? No surprise here - better enterprise vendor support, integrated toolsets, and more OSGi resources to help understand the benefits and usage patterns.

There are more details to the survey that I’ve yet to explore, and I’ll try to share with everyone what I find after further crunching the numbers

OSGi Survey Deadline Extended

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If you haven’t taken the time to fill out the OSGi survey yet, I have to encourage you to do so. The survey will remain live until June 13th. Your feedback and help is greatly appreciated, and I hope to publish the results sometime in June or July