IT Labor Shortage Myth

There is no IT labor shortage in the U.S. There is no dearth of software developers. Instead, this shortage is reinforced through repetitious pronouncements by industry of the impending labor crisis, and is used as outsourcing ammunition. In reality, organizations outsource because of two simple and related factors: Business believes IT costs are too high […]

New Job New Skin

March 31st marks my first day as an Analyst with Burton Group working in the Application Platform Strategies group. To an extent, this is a career change for me. Since I’ve been in IT, I’ve worked exclusively on enterprise development projects. Over the years, I’ve played most roles on the software development team, but my […]

The Agile Roadmap

For the past two years, I’ve been writing The Agile Developer column at Agile Journal. Most of the articles are small focused pieces that share my experience with a specific agile practice. This month’s theme is sharing agile successes, so I took the opportunity to traverse back through many of my previous articles and discuss […]