Importance of Continuous Integration

I encountered an incredibly interesting situation recently that clearly illustrates the importance of Continuous Integration. Two separate teams were each working on separate software modules. Eventually, these teams knew they’d need to integrate the two modules into a larger whole. Unfortunately, communication wasn’t that great between the two teams, and while they each had a […]

SpamBots Getting Through

I use WordPress as my blogging system, and a while back, I installed the Challenge Captcha. But recently the SpamBots broke it and have been able to find the correct answer to the math questions. As a result, they’ve been leaving their nasty comments. So, I’ve reconfigured the Challenge to ask the question in a […]

Agile 2008

Agile 2008, being held in Toronto August 4 to 8, seems like a long ways away. However, the submission system just went live this week. I’m excited because I have the opportunity to help organize the Developer Jam stage. There are a few changes surrounding the conference for 2008, starting with the submission system, which […]